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Map Room Sketches

Livingstone's Body and Other Curios

No.1 Savile Row......a bit about

No.1 Savile Row was originally constructed as the family home of the Fairfax family and was the first to be built during the second phase of Burlington’s estate development in the 1730’s, designed by famed architect William Kent. On September 29 1870 the building was sold to the Royal Geographical Society (for £14,400). According to records, some £3798 were spent on alterations to make it suitable for occupation by the Royal Geographical Society. These alterations included the construction of glass clear-storied map room in the former courtyard of the premises that remains the focus of the building to this day.(Sheppard FHW, 1963) By 1881 a small astronomical observatory had been constructed on the roof of the building. In 1912 the premises were gifted to Gieves and Hawkes, sold to the outfitters for a cut rate in honour of their services to British Explorers. The business itself dates from the late 18th Century, formed by the amelioration of the two revered establishments of James Watson Gieves and Thomas Hawkes. Indeed before joining forces, separately Messrs. Gieves and Hawkes had a long and illustrious career outfitting a veritable who’s-who of British explorers, royalty and ‘the great and the good.

section through no.1 savile row, showing the ground floor map room and roof top observatory

The Map Room

The Map Room of no.1 Savile Row in its current guise, the focal point of Gieves & Hawkes tailors and outfitters.

The Map Room circa 1911